Our Products

Our quality professional services add value to your business. We actively research trends, changes and legal requirements challenging today’s businesses.


Professional Employer Organization (PEO) or Leasing Services

This type of service bundles and transfers all employee liabilities and provides a one-stop shop of services including, employee tax liabilities, workers’ compensation insurance coverage and employee benefits. We have gathered a dedicated group of PEOs that share common business beliefs in the areas of customer service, products and competitive values.

PEO placement is as unique as your business. This process requires a special understanding of your companies’ business practices, producers and policies and equally important future growth or needed products and standards. Thru our experience, we can assist in finding the best possible fit of business to service.


Payroll Services (ASO) – Administrative Services Only

This model of service allows a company to outsource payroll check processing and tax filing only. The pricing for this type of service is subject to your current business SUI, workers’ compensation and overhead costs.


Human Resources Consultation and Management  (a la carte service model)

From employee rights to discrimination laws, human resources management is complex. B2B Consulting can be your personal Human Resources support team and guide through the HR maze offering the following services:

  •  Human Resources Consultations
  •  EEOC, FLSA, ADA, FMLA compliance
  •  Federal and State Employment Law
  •  Recordkeeping Requirements
  •  I-9 Compliance
  •  Hiring and Termination
  •  Disciplinary Practices
  •  Employee Handbooks
  •  Job Descriptions
  •  Client Specific Policies
  •  Manager Training
  •  Drug Testing/Background Screening
  •  Employee Assistance Program (EAP)


Other Business Services

As part of a wide network of other professionals we provide referrals to additional services in areas such as marketing, benefits, risk assessments and business audits/reporting.